Personal Birthing Care


Holistic Midwifery Service

Complete Prenatal Care 

Lab work


Personalized Home or Birth Center Services

Water Birth Option

Filing of Birth Certificate

Postpartum Care


Our services are conducted one on one, with no long waiting times and on a pace that is personally right.

We pride ourselves on giving the best personal care that sets us apart from other pregnancy and delivery care facilities.

We look forward to hearing more about your birthing plans and how we can serve you better.

Prenatal Appointments

Comprehensive prenatal care is the cornerstone of midwifery care. Prenatal visits are generally scheduled for 30 minutes to ensure that you have all of your questions answered & that we have time to discuss your health, nutrition and life happenings in order to build a solid relationship with our client families. Partners are encouraged to attend when possible and siblings are always welcome. 

Labor Support

Arrive at the birth center in active labor. There will be 2 midwives assisting you while in labor.  You are welcome to use one of our two birthing suites, our deep tubs, or birth balls.  Your family can make themselves at home in our living room and kitchen space.

In the absence of complications you will be discharged home approximately 2-3 hours postpartum as a new family!


Postpartum Care

Our clients develop a strong relationship over the course of their pregnancy and we strive to continue that into the postpartum period.  

  • Telephone contact at 24 hours
  • Home postpartum visit at 2-3 days after birth (within a certain radius)
  • Office Visit at 2 weeks postpartum
  • Office Visit at 6 weeks postpartum
  • The birth certificate is filed through the birth center and the social security card will be sent through the mail.