Personal Birthing Care

What Others Are Saying....

Over a period of about 4 days, I had started having prodromal labor pains. Contractions would build up and then suddenly stop. Then finally on May 27th late at night, the contractions came on quick and gradually closer together. We arrived at the birth center around 11:30 pm and Jennifer met us at the door. This was my first out of hospital birth so I wasn’t sure what to expect. But Jennifer was very calm and put together. She gave my husband and I time alone and space to rest, but was always attentive. After about 7 hours of labor, Jennifer broke my water and along with my husband by my side helped to deliver my son at 8:48 am. She was so encouraging through it all; helping me into different positions to help things along. Swapping out cool towels on my face and neck while I rested through contractions. And even after Zeke was born, she was there but never interfered with our bonding time. If you’re looking for an amazing midwife who genuinely cares for you and your baby, Jennifer is the one for you. I cannot say enough positive things about this birthing experience. This is truly the way birth should feel, calm and empowering.
Thank you Jennifer for all that you do!

Jennifer Chrisman was my midwife during the pregnancy of my first baby last year. She did an excellent job throughout the first and second trimesters answering all my questions as a first-time mom. During the last trimester though our boy stopped growing due to an intrauterine growth restriction so I had to be induced at a hospital instead of the peaceful birthing center that we had planned on. I figured that we would be on our own at that point, but Jennifer met us at the hospital and helped us with a birth plan and even advocated for us when the doctor was pushing me to have a quick c-section instead of a natural birth. I am so thankful for Jennifer being there for us even though we were at the hospital. For the final hours of labor and delivery she was there at my side with her calm attitude and capable abilities talking me through it and showing my husband how to be a help. She was an incredible blessing to us and my husband told me (and I agree) that we are using her for every child we have!
Thank you again for being such a blessing to us during the birth of Samuel!