Personal Birthing Care

About Midwifery

"Midwifery puts the woman at the center of her care and she is the decision maker."

Why Midwifery Can Be The Right Choice

As midwives, we approach childbirth as a natural, sacred event in a woman’s life.  We truly believe that our bodies were made exquisitely to conceive, grow, and to give birth.  When supported by others, we can bring our babies into the world in such a way that brings out a strength in us, often times we didn’t know we were capable.  When a woman is encouraged to find this strength, it can carry over to other parts of her life.  Pregnancy and childbirth are life changing events, and as such should be treated with the upmost respect. 

Whether giving birth at home or in a birth center, it’s a family centered experience. The midwife’s role is to guide and support the process while enhancing the family’s power of unity.  Having children present during prenatal appointments, and even at the birth of their siblings can be a positive event for them. We encourage  clients to include and educate their children to prepare them for the arrival of their new brother or sister.  

We provide information and resources to assist you in making informed decisions for your pregnancy and birth needs.  We discuss your needs and the needs of your baby, information on nutrition during pregnancy, all available prenatal tests that are being offered in our midwifery practice and other referrals for more extensive testing, if necessary.  We encourage all of our clients to exercise, be healthy and active.